Practical Information for mobile students

The Turkish currency is Lira (TL). 1 TL is equivalent of around 1.5 US$, and 2.2 €. Banknotes include 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 TL, and coins 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 kuruş.

Shopping in Kayseri
Turkey is cheaper in many respects than most of the western countries. It is also ranked the cheapest OECD country. Most Turkish students live on around 200-300€ per month including the cost of dormitories. For foreign students the Erasmus grant should be sufficient not only to live on, but also to explore and enjoy the life here in Kayseri.

Kayseri is a lively city and streets are full of people even in the nights. The shopping is concentrated in the city centre in pedestrian streets where shops are open from 09h to 21h Monday to Saturday. Department stores, groceries and supermarkets are open till 10 o’clock in the evening. Some restaurants and cafes are open till midnight. Sunday is holiday, but many shops are open.

Automatic transaction machines (ATM’s) are widespread both in the town centre and on the campus. They are easy to operate as most have a language key to enable the user to read the instructions in English.

Phone Calls
Public pay phones can be found in almost all academic units besides the post office. They operate on crediphone cards which can be bought from the post offices as well as stationeries. To make an international call, one needs to dial 00 before dialling the international code of the country to be phoned to.

In Turkey, three cell phone companies operate, namely Turkcell, Vodaphone and Avea. All of these companies provide a variety of tariffs responding to the needs of the customers. The students can buy a mobile number from any of these companies and use it with their mobile phones.

Electrical and Electronic Devices
Turkey uses conventional European system in electricity working on 220 volts. The sockets are two-pin.

National Holidays

October 29 : Republican Day
January 1 : New Year’s Day
April 23 : National Sovereignty and Children’s Day
May 19 : Youth and Sports Day
August 30 : Victory Day

Some important addresses and numbers

International Relation’s Office


Erciyes University International Office

Address : Erciyes University International Office
38039, Kayseri/TURKEY
Phone : 0090 352 437 5820
0090 352 437 6875
Fax : 0090 352 437 3874
E-mail :


Head of the International Office Dr. M. Emin Yüksel +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.18 or +90 352 437 5820 (direct)
Secretary General Donna Sue Özcan +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.18
Erasmus Pınar Öztaşkın +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.16
Bologna Coordination Commission Ülkü Başaran +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.14
Projects H. Mehmet Tanc +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.22
Erasmus Nurdan Yıldız +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.17
Bilateral Agreements F. Bilge Gökduman +90 352 437 6875 / Ext.13


Emergency Numbers in Kayseri

Emergency 112
Fire Brigade 110
Gendarmes 156
Forest Fire 177
Tourist Information (+90-352) 2223903, 2319295