Qualification Requirements and Regulations


The Bachelor and associate degree programs meet all requirements for graduation, students can graduate before the normal time.
The maximum legal duration of use but are not successful in the last class, students continue to graduate instead of the requirement for all courses they failed to bring in two additional courses in the exam and continue to fulfill the requirement, provided that the maximum course load to stay within the limit, as records and exams to continue are entitled to enter. This five-course exams at the end of reducing the number of students who failed courses, continue to fulfill the requirement for a period of three semesters of courses to enter the drop-down exams, the classes continue to fail to fulfill the requirement continue to fulfill the requirement provided that recognized the right to take examinations for a period of three semesters.
Additional examination using the right of the five (5) lessons to students who fail to fulfill the requirements for continued access to the testing for the courses will be opened for a period of four semesters, for courses to fulfill requirements for continued attendance and recognized the right to take exams.
Continue to fulfill the state requirement for students who fail the course of three or less, are allowed to take unlimited tests will be opened. Continue to fulfill the requirement of three or fewer students who fail the course, provided that the classes will continue to fulfill the requirement are allowed to take unlimited tests.
Open examinations, a total of three consecutive periods or not at all academic year students, and this right does not apply shall be deemed to have waived the right to unlimited exam. Using the case of students with unlimited rights, shall continue to pay contributions or tuition fees, student rights, but other than the right to benefit exam.