General registration procedures


Students placed by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) into any academic unit at Erciyes University are contacted directly by the University and informed of the registration dates for the academic unit won by the student, and of what is required of the student during the registrations process. In fact, the registration process is quite straight forward and fast, and takes only 10 minutes. The students are required to bring with them the following items and them over to the staff at the Directorate of Student Affairs:

·         the bank statement showing that the required fees have been paid

·         the diploma received from the high school

·         6 passport-size photographs taken within last six months

·         medical record (which is required for some academic units) of the student showing that s/he is fit for the subject being enrolled

·         Once these items have been presented to the staff in charge, the registration is made and the student is given the new ID showing the matriculation number.